How to Apply

How to enter the International Impact Book Awards?

Whether you are entering a print book or an e-book (electronic book) category, we recommend that you complete the preliminary entry online to save you time and to ease the entry process. You can submit an online entry by following the guidelines below.

1. What steps are required to submit an online entry?

  • There are three simple steps to complete your online entry:

Fill out and submit the Online Entry Form

  1. Pay the entry fee(s) through PayPal.

Credit cards are accepted via the PayPal checkout system. Please note that if you pay by credit card the charge on your credit card statement will either show up as Go All In Media.

Note: Shortly after you submit your online entry for the International Impact Book Awards, we will send you a confirmation email from

Submitting your book electronically

When submitting your book electronically, it must be submitted in PDF format, no other formats will be accepted. Please ensure your submission is not password protected. If submitting your book with a cover it must be uploaded as one file with the book and not as separate files. You can submit your book electronically in any of the categories we offer.

Your Confirmation of Entry email includes a unique link for submitting your book electronically, under the heading SUBMITTING YOUR BOOK ELECTRONICALLY. Submitting your book once in this way will be enough for all categories you have entered. We do not accept attachments for book submissions.

Following these steps:

  1. Select the category or categories you wish to enter (based on which category most applies to your book or to your marketing strategies. Categories are listed here. You may enter as many categories as you like.
  2. Complete the entry form Note: Only one entry form is required regardless of the number of categories you wish to enter. However, if you wish to enter more than one title, you must complete a different entry form for each title.
  3. Arrange payment of entry fee, The International Impact Book Awards 2023 entry fee is $97 per title for the first category entered, and $97 for each additional category entered. 
  4. Submit completed entry form, entry fees and books.

Award Details

  1. Winners will receive high quality digital award seals they can use to highlight their award on their book cover, website, social media and other marketing materials. 
  1. A Commemorative Digital Certificate: Winners can display and share this certificate with pride.
  1. All winners will be listed on the International Impact Book Awards social media platforms shared with our network of thousands of media outlets, industry contacts, authors and publishers around the world.
  1. Exposure for a full year as a Winner
  1. An invitation to attend the Go All In Live Event Reception.
  1. The opportunity to display Winner digital gold award stickers on your book.
  1. Other benefits of an award-winning book (such as potential increased business revenue).

Submit your book to the international Impact book awards


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