International Impact

Welcome to the International Impact Book Awards! Our mission is to help authors and publishers bring out the stories and messages to the readers around the world in a bigger way. We aim to help authors and publishers increase their impact, credibility and visibility. We are committed to honoring excellence and impactful-nonfiction books.

We welcome submissions by self-published and traditionally published authors alike, in both print and ebook formats. Publishers are also welcome to submit books for award consideration. Winning The International Impact Book Award is like adding another level of success to your book. It tells readers and media professionals that you have a high quality book worth reading! We believe all books should be recognized for the International Impact Book Awards based on book content, quality, writing style, presentation and cover design.

Award Winners receive: honor and mention in an Go All In Show on abc15 in Phoenix, Arizona; a special International Impact Book Awards Winners promotion on our site; press releases announcing the Awards all over the web with links to our Award Winners web page; winners can publicize their awards with stickers on their books and on their website as well as with certificates; to help drive traffics to their business.


Our program honors books year-round so you can submit your entry at any time throughout the year. Books are not judged against competing titles, but are reviewed by our judges and experts based on a scoring system that evaluates the quality of the writing and production of the book (editing, design, and other details).

Why should you enter the International Impact Book Awards?

  • We are acceptance the application to independent authors and publishers worldwide
  • Enter books with a 2020, 2021 or 2022 copyright date
  • Over 70 categories to choose from
  • Exposure of media appearance on Go All In show air on abc15, Phoenix Arizona.
  • An invitation to attend the international impact book gala awards ceremony (live).
  • Earn recognition and receive other benefits from having an award-winning book to gain credibility and trust, wow your audiences and amplify your business success. 
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