October 2023


Congratulations to our International Impact Book Award- Winners

We are thrilled to announce the International Impact Book Awards 2023 winners. Our program has honored outstanding authors and their voices in non-fiction, fiction, education, poetry, business writing, essays, biography, children’s literature and more. We applaud all of you for your excellent work and dedication.


Award Winning Author For Female Empowerment

Owning Your Destiny: A Woman’s Guide to Harnessing The Power Within

Author: Duncan McLauren

Award Winning Author For Pre-Teen

My Temper Taming Workbook… for Us: A family help workbook for young people experiencing anger and the adult who is trying to help

Author: Dustin Wright, Ed.S, LPC

Award Winning Author For Children’s Education

Nurse Florence®, Why Should We Avoid Illegal Drugs?

Author: Michael Dow

Award Winning Author For Body/Mind/Spirit

Elevating Your Origins to Love: A Guided Journey of Transformation, Healing and Power

Author: Susan Drury

Award Winning Author For Children’s Education

Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children: A Guide to Supporting Social-Emotional Development in Young Children

Author: Zoy LLC

Award Winning Author For Children’s Inspirational/ Motivational

Tectonic Teff

Author: Vy Lien

Award Winning Author For Environment

Merciless Mayhem

Author: Sue Coletta

Award Winning Author For Military Memoirs

Chop that Sh*t Up! Leadership and Life Lessons Learned while in the Military

Author: Daniel Pinion

Award Winning Author For Family

The Destination Birth

Author: Alex Bisset